Community Runs and Rides

Run Schedule:
**Monday: Pocahontas State Park 9:30am. email to 
*Tuesday: Crossfit Addict, 9:30am , This is typically a recovery run, post Crossfit workout.   Typically 3-5easy miles.
**Wednesday: Pocahontas State Park 9:30am. email to  
*Thursday: Rotates between Shore Dog Cafe, River Road Starbucks, Libbie Grove Starbucks, 8:45am.  
*Sunday: Libbie Grove Starbucks, 8am


*Distances vary between 4-7miles but can easily be shortened or lengthened.  All paces are welcome and encouraged! 
 Text Theresa Marie Green at 804.338.7011 to confirm run, distance or just ask a question

**Distance is usully 10k.  Current pace ib between 9-930.  These use the dirt roads and paths within Pocahontas State Park